High County prepares for frigid temps, wind chill

BOONE, NC (WBTV) - Cold weather during December in the North Carolina High County isn't unusual, but for a few nights this week temperatures with the wind chill were struggling to make it to 20.

In Boone fire safety officials were putting out the warning for folks to be careful keeping warm, especially during the Christmas season when home outlets are filled with plugs from Christmas tree lights and other decorations.

"Just because you have two outlets and a surge protector, or two plugged in, doesn't mean that outlet is designed for that. That outlet is designed to draw power from two things, all the surge protector does is turn off if something malfunctions or draws too much power so be very careful," said Captain Amy Flieg of the Boone Fire Department.

Flieg also warned residents about using alternative heat sources.

"You don't want to use things that aren't designed to produce heat in your home," Flieg added.  "So bringing in a charcoal grill to heat or to cook in your home is a bad idea, it needs to be outside.  If you're using a space heater you want to have three feet of clearance on all sides, meaning it can't be shoved in a corner, up against furniture.  When you leave the room turn it off, unplug it, pay attention."

Local ski operators were enjoying the cold snap.  At Appalachian Ski Mountain o Wednesday there were lot of skiers and snowboarders, many still out of school from last week's winter weather.

"For us, we're about as excited as if it were natural snow," said Drew Stanley of Appalachian Ski Mountain.  "We got a good natural snow a few days ago, conditions are perfect, the roads are cleared, the sun is out, the temp is not going to let this snow melt, conditions should stay well this week and into next week for the Holidays."

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