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Molly's Kids: 2-year-old Mount Holly girl diagnosed with leukemia

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Someone recently told me, “You have too many #MollysKids.”

If what was meant is there are too many sick children – then I agree. But, if what was meant was they were sick of reading about kids with challenges, then oh well. Sorry, not sorry.

And maybe instead of, "You should write about fewer kids with tough stories," maybe try thinking, "Let's find a cure so there aren't as many stories to tell.”

You guys, there are so many.

For every #MollysKids article posted, ten other emails are waiting. Ten other parents waiting to have their child’s story told.

That’s. How. Many. Kids.

Not sure I ever said that before publicly – for each post here, tons of other emails about equally deserving kids are coming in. I could post about #MollysKids Every. Hour. All. Day. Long.

I don't. We space the stories out and also post lots on headlines, news life, real life and various fun. But yes, we are embracing one child at a time. And no, we're not stopping.


With that as my introductory soap box Wednesday morning – wow, I’m on fire this fine Wednesday (Good morning!) – I’d like to now introduce you to beautiful 2-year-old Ava Davis. She lives in Mount Holly and is the newest one of our amazing #MollysKids.

Ava was diagnosed last September with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Since then she’s has tons of chemotherapy, lumbar punctures and multiple bone marrow aspirations.

“I’ve followed #MollysKids for a while,” mom Ashley Davis wrote. “I remember Dalton, Isabella, Victoria… so many of these kids. I never, ever expected to be writing you about my own daughter.”

Up until September, Ava was healthy. Never showed issues. Then she had some back-to-back ear infections. That led to pains in her hips, arms and her foot. A bone marrow biopsy confirmed the worst.

“We’ve recently changed how we’re kicking cancer’s butt,” Davis said. “Her chemo is more intense now. She’ll soon go back to the hospital to be there for two months.”

Davis said their family’s world was turned on its head, but they have faith in their little girl’s strength and resilience.

“My heart aches as a mom reading all these stories,” Davis said. “But hearing from other #MollysKids parents the past few years has taught me not to take a single day for granted.”

You guys. Look at Ava. LOOK AT HER.  Are you seeing her? She didn’t ask to live in a hospital for chunks at a time. She didn’t ask to have doctors recommend higher doses of chemo to poison her little body with toxins hopefully stronger than the cancer cells.

But here she is.

That’s why we lift these kids up, and will continue to do so. Thanks for letting me vent.

Ava, welcome. Can’t wait to meet you.


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