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Learn how to combat cold weather effects on your car

How does cold weather negatively affect your car?

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Here at Toyota of North Charlotte, we’re big proponents of prepping your car for seasonal changes. Winter is no exception; extreme temperatures and lots of precipitation can take its toll on your vehicle over the coming months. That’s why it’s important to give your ride the tools it needs to work overtime. We’re here to explain how cold weather can negatively affect your car and what auto service you can schedule to counteract those effects!

Toyota of N Charlotte explains what happens to your car in winter

The first thing on our list is your car fluids (like oil, coolant, windshield wiper fluid, etc.). When cold air sets in, these fluids tend to thicken up. When these fluids aren’t at the right density, they don’t function they way they should and it can affect your car’s performance. Your best (and most affordable bet) is to ensure that you always stay on top of routine car maintenance like oil changes, and to give your car a moment to warm up before you hit the road. The heat will thin the car fluids out again. You can also ask our Charlotte auto service techs about special winter blends that you can use for extreme temps.

The next item on our list is windshield wipers. If you try to use them on an icy windshield, it can tear them up! Always use an ice scraper to clear your windshield before running your wipers. You can also have them replaced before winter season sets in at our Charlotte auto service center so you know you have the best of the best when it’s time to tackle the elements.

The third item to consider when it comes to winter auto service is your spark plugs. If your spark plugs aren’t in the best condition, winter weather can cause them to malfunction… and this can negatively affect your ability to get your car up and running every morning. No on wants to be stuck with a dead car, so have our techs take a quick look at your spark plugs to make sure none of them have to be replaced.

Use auto service to combat winter’s negative effects!

The last item on our list? Your car tires. Your tires are filled to a particular PSI to maximize performance and safety. When it gets cold out, air gets denser, which can actually lower tire pressure. This can negatively affect your traction and fuel efficiency! Have our Charlotte auto service techs check your tire pressure and also ensure that the general condition of your tires is good enough to take on snow, ice, and sleet.

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