Did you notice Panther Cam Newton’s frilly purple velvet cleats?

Did you notice Panther Cam Newton’s frilly purple velvet cleats?

CHARLOTTE, NC (Mark Price/The Charlotte Observer) - Quarterback Cam Newton's hat got a lot of attention Sunday, but most Carolina Panther fans completely missed out on the fact that he wore purple velvet, white frilled cleats during the pregame warmup.

Yes, the designer shoes had two layers of white, puffy frills on them.

The shoe site SoleCollector.com referred to it as a "ruffled collar" and/or a "game blouse," which sounds less flattering.

A 30-second video tweeted prior to the game explained that Newton's shoes were specially designed for him by Under Armour. "We're taking inspiration from one of the greatest artists ever – Prince," said Dave Stakel, director of Cleated Footwear for Under Armour. "Prince is known for the color purple...(He's) one of Cam's favorite artists."

And Prince wore a lot of frills around his neck.

Social media was mixed on the cleats, with some lauding Cam's one-of-a-kind sense of style and others poking fun at him for bringing frills into football.

"Love the dude, but it looks like some Kleenex are tucked into his socks," tweeted Jack Krichilsky.

"I love that people don't know how to take Cam. Do your thing man," tweeted fan A.H. Rudy.

This is not the first time Newton's shoes have been created in honor of Prince. The Sporting News noted he did the same thing last September in a game against Minnesota, which was Prince's home state. He wore purple paisley shoes last year.