Two face child abuse charges

Two face child abuse charges
(Source: Rowan Sheriff's Office)
(Source: Rowan Sheriff's Office)

SALISBURY, NC (WBTV) - Two people have been charged with child abuse by deputies.

Lisa Marie Pitz, 26, and Frank Ray Eason, 49, were arrested on Sunday night in the 1100 block of West C Street in Kannapolis.

Charges for Pitz include four counts of misdemeanor child abuse and one count of failure to appear in court.

Bond is set at a combined total of $6000.

Eason was charged with child abuse and is being held under $20,000 bond.

According to the arrest warrants, Pitz and Eason "did create and allow a substantial risk pf physical injury upon (children) by other than accidental means by unsafe/filthy living conditions in the home; leaving the child in inappropriate sitting conditions under false pretenses."

The report states that Eason had asked a friend to come to the house he shared with Pitz in the 1600 block of Daniel Street in Kannapolis to watch two children, boys ages 7 and 1, while he (Eason) "went to court."

Thinking Eason wanted him to watch the children for a couple of hours, the friend agreed.  The friend called 911 when the "couple of hours" had extended into the next day.

When deputies arrived they went in the house and found what they described as "filthy" conditions.

The deputy noted that there was a "horrendous" smell of rotten food and feces.  Dirty diapers were piled up on the floor, and there were soda bottles filled with a yellow liquid that the deputy believed to be urine.

The two boys were described as "not scared," and "playful," and were able to talk with the deputy.  Rowan County DSS took custody of the children.

Eason and Pitz eventually returned, but said they weren't going to the house because they knew they were going to get arrested.

A neighbor spotted the couple and was able to give a vehicle description to a deputy, who arrested them at the West C Street location in a parking lot.

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