How the weather may impact Mecklenburg County

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MECKLENBURG COUNTY, NC (WBTV) - Many counties north of Mecklenburg received several inches of snow Friday while the metro area got mostly rain and and rain/ice mix.

However, the Department of Transportation says they are monitoring roads in Mecklenburg county as the temperatures drop overnight.

"Any storm is a real fluid situation where you have to make these changes and decisions, said Jen Thompson with NCDOT.

All equipment is ready for use, and crews in most counties will work rotating 12-hour shifts until the system passes and roads are clear.

In Mecklenburg County, contract trucks will be loading at 4 p.m., so drivers may see some trucks on the interstates during rush hour. Up to 53 trucks will be available to apply salt on bridges along interstates and primary roads tonight. An additional 23 trucks can supplement efforts if needed.

"Here in Mecklenburg we are probably just looking at salt, putting that on bridges, interstates and on primary roads. That will probably not be till later like 9 or 10 p.m," said Thompson. "We have had warmer days where the road is warm, the ground is warm."

Many people will be traveling late Friday night or early Saturday morning, including several high schools from the Charlotte area that are playing in State Championship games tomorrow.

"You know how weather happens and fans, whether is high school, college or pro, the weather can be a deterrent," said Philip Davanzo, the Athletic Director of Mallard Creek High School. Mallard Creek plays at 12 p.m. tomorrow in Winston-Salem. "We have several plans in place. For example, if the school system does not allow us to take any school buses, what is the contingency plan for our cheerleaders and our bands? Also, looking at if they move games. At this point, we do not know, but we have plans for that."

Charlotte Catholic High School, Harding High School and Hibrieton High School also have games on Saturday. As of Friday evening, all games were still scheduled to go on as planned.

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