A look inside DSS during county server outage

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - As the sun fades outside the Department of Social Services, Director Peggy Eagan and her team finish day three of downed servers in a makeshift command center.

"The first day we had hourly conference calls, and now we're down to two a day," she says.

Those are conference calls with the county manager's office and other county departments.

"Since they didn't pay the bit coin, they're having to be hypervigilant to make sure nothing else is under attack," she says.

A main concern for her department now is being able to access reservations for people who need a ride to the doctor.

"We're really talking life and death issues here," she says. "And we feel very strongly that it's our responsibility to do the very best service that we can."

The 1,600 trips taking patients to and from appointments is a main service of the department. Eagan says about 80 percent are regular scheduled rides, but there is no way to know when the rest of the rides were scheduled, it is all gone with the servers.

"They are rebuilding our system from the ground up," Eagan says.

She is relying now on media messages, hoping those patients will know to call in, to verify their appointments.

"Beyond that, we are certainly hoping that neighbors are looking after neighbors," she says.

Customers are asked to call 704-336-4547 to confirm transportation reservations. This includes reservations made for bus passes and vendor transportation for trips scheduled through Dec. 11, 2017.

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