Are you at risk for a ransomware attack? Cyber security expert breaks it down

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - As Mecklenburg County officials figure out the next steps in the ransomware attack, we're learning more about what's at stake in this situation.

Jeff Gaura, president of the Network Team, broke down the seriousness of the hack on WBTV News on Bounce at 8 p.m.

Gaura says in a ransomware hack, the criminals aren't really looking to gain access to your files or steal your information. But they do want to make sure you can't access it without extorting ransom from you.

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Gaura says the main goal for modern hackers is to gain your trust and get you to click on something like a sophisticated, genuine-looking email that appears to be from co-workers or bosses.

He says people can expect ransomware attacks to increase as the world moves to digital platforms.

Hackers are also using Bitcoin as the currency for ransom. It gives them anonymity and, therefore, most governments won't be able to trace the person behind the hack.

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