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BLOG: Snow and rain possible Friday as temps drop


A First Alert Day remains in effect for Friday with a damp, cold, and raw day ahead. Changes from this time yesterday include a slightly earlier and slightly warmer solution.

We will continue to see our next wave of moisture work in overnight, and it looks like most areas outside of the mountains will be faced with a chilly morning rain for the commute in on Friday. It's important to note that temperatures in the mountains will be below freezing, but they will be farther away from the moisture. So, the far western areas will likely see the least amount of precipitation throughout this entire event.

Outside of the mountains temps will hover in the mid-upper 30s all day. The air at the surface may not be below freezing, but the air just above it is. That is why it's possible some snowflakes survive down into the above-freezing air to mix with the rain at times, but no accumulation is expected south of 85.

North of 85, if things were to come together perfectly so that the period of coldest air and highest moisture were to overlap, it is possible to see a transition to snow. Still, any accumulations would likely have a hard time sticking to roadways, and be confined mainly to grassy and elevated surfaces. If everything lined up perfectly some of these areas could see an inch of snow. Again, I'm thinking best chances of this are north of 85 but outside of the mountains (remember- less moisture there!)

Everything starts to wrap up and taper back down Friday evening. Some of our models are hinting at a final push of moisture that swings through overnight Friday into Saturday morning.

By this time, temperatures will be falling below freezing - so for more of us this would come through as snow showers. Once again though, we expect this to be a very low-impact event travel-wise for all parts of the viewing area, as the ground is just too warm and surface temperatures are too border-line to support any significant accumulations. 

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