GoFundMe Year in Giving report highlights acts of kindness after tragedies

GoFundMe Year in Giving report highlights acts of kindness after tragedies
(Source: gofundme.com)
(Source: gofundme.com)

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - GoFundMe released its Year in Giving report Thursday, detailing how communities - locally and globally - have come together to support those in need in 2017.

"In 2017, there were big news events that shook us and resulted in waves of compassion. But there were also small acts of kindness that added up to something much bigger," GoFundMe wrote.

The report shows just that.

In 2017, there were 427,437 donors and 37,677 campaigns started in North Carolina alone. In South Carolina, there were 185,939 donors and 17,885 campaigns started.

The top 2017 campaigns in NC include:

  1. JNG:The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday. This campaign was started for Jonathon "Johny" Grant, who suffered severe brain damage in a car crash in Raleigh in March. The campaign raised more than $174,633 with 2,335 donors in eight months.
  2. Jo and Henry Gibbs Fund. This campaign was started after two brothers, 10-year-old William Edward Gibbs and 13-year-old O'Brien Gibbs, were killed in a crash in Asheville. The campaign raised $153,745 with 1,888 donors in two months.
  3. Support Britten’s Race to Recovery. This campaign was started for Britten Olinger, who was severely injured in a crash in Black Mountain and may never walk again. The campaign raised $134,528 with 1,691 donors in nine months.
  4. Sonic Automotive SAFE Fund. This campaign was started by the Sonic Automotive Family Emergency Fund to help employees and their immediate family members impacted by natural disasters, particularly Hurricane Harvey. The campaign raised $126,000 with 96 donors in three months.

The report includes an interactive map where you can compare your state to others across the country.

The company also thanked those who helped at the end of the report.

"2017 was a year of big leaps for GoFundMe. Our giving community grew to 50 million and raised over $5 billion to date. But it all came down to each person who took that first small step to start a GoFundMe. Thank you."

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