Won't pay ransom

Mecklenburg County won’t pay hackers ransom money for holding government computer servers hostage.  There’s some question about how much the hackers are demanding in payment to unlock the information.  Initially, it was announced they wanted two Bit-coins—worth about $26,000 in real currency.  Sources tell us they may be asking two Bit-coins for each of the 48 servers, which would run into the hundred-thousands.  We’re asking why the county didn’t have a backup system in place to prevent such an attack.
Hard to believe, but it’s looking more like we’ll see some snowflakes mixed with rain Friday night.  Our weather team has been hashing out all the different data models which are now pointing to enough cold air mixing with enough moisture to cause a First Alert Day declared for Friday.

We’ve learned of a lawsuit claiming Carowinds discriminated against a family who weren’t allowed to ride rides due to a disability.  A Clover man, his son and his daughter all have lower leg amputations dues to a medical condition. They are all season ticket holders.

Wildfires in southern California look like a scene from a Hollywood movie—and the flames aren’t very from Hollywood.

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