First Alert Day issued for Friday due to wet commute, possible rain/snow mix

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - We've had our eye on the Friday forecast and have been watching it closely this week, and although we continue to see data wobbling back and forth in terms of rain vs a rain/snow mix, one thing that looks likely is that it's going to be a wet afternoon and evening commute.

A stalled boundary along the coast will get a kick of upper-level energy to enhance rainfall Friday, especially for the central and eastern Carolinas. While there could be some wet spots for the morning commute, it looks like the intensity picks up during the second half of the day. For most of us, this will be a cold rain.

The question mark remains as to whether or not we see some wet snow mix in with the rain. This will be the constant battle we always seem to face around here between the cold air and moisture overlapping in such a way to support some snow. 2/3 of our main weather computer models seem to think this is a possibility, while the third, and sometimes more reliable European model, is not quite convinced that the cold air makes it far enough south to support a snow profile.

So, for now, the forecast will feature a cold rain with the possibility of wet snow mixing in during the evening commute. Stay tuned!

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