Three UNC Charlotte fraternities suspended for hazing

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV/AP) - Three fraternities at a University of North Carolina campus have been suspended for hazing and other infractions.

The Charlotte Observer reports that the UNC Charlotte's Office of Student Conduct says Delta Chi, Lambda Chi Alpha and Phi Sigma Kappa have had their registrations suspended for incidents that occurred this fall.

Delta Chi's registration was suspended Nov. 14 and will last until August 2021, after the chapter was accused of providing alcohol to minors and committing "acts of harm."

No specific details about the incidents have been released.

Delta Chi will also have to conduct regular anti-hazing training for two calendar years after they are allowed back on campus, according to The Charlotte Observer.

Lambda Chi Alpha and Phi Sigma Kappa have been placed on interim suspensions. The Dean of Students Office received a report of hazing at Lambda Chi Alpha on Nov. 2, and a report of hazing at Phi Sigma Kappa on Monday.

Alden Lee, a UNCC student and member of Lambda Chi Alpha, spoke to WBTV Wednesday night about the allegations against his fraternity.

"It started about a month and a half ago exactly. I guess it was just an incident that got blown out of proportion really fast and someone's parents got involved. It was something that shouldn't have happened honestly. It was a mistake but the school doesn't recognize it as such," said Lee.

The student said he did not have a lot of information about the situation. His fraternity brother, Justin Stone, also commented on the situation.

"Personally I haven't seen anything go on. Like (Alden) said, I think it is blown out of proportion a little bit," said Stone.

The two fraternity brothers explained that some people use the term hazing differently than others. They explained that some activities could be interpreted as hazing by some institutions, but not others. Stone used the example of ordering someone to tie their own shoe - he said some could consider that command to be hazing.

"It's all what people consider actually hazing. There's a degree, but ours isn't practiced like that at all," said Lee.

The two brothers were uncertain what would happen to their fraternity because of the allegations.

"We may, we may not have a future. Hopefully we do, but we'll just see how it goes," said Stone.

The UNCC student said he would sympathize with the alleged victim if they were actually wronged.

"If he was actually wronged I do feel bad for him, but to my knowledge he was not wronged and that's where I think it's blown out of proportion," explained Stone.

The Office of Student Conduct is investigating the allegations.

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