Union County school district addresses insensitive comment allegedly made by board member

The Union County school district held a press conference Wednesday to address insensitive comments an education board member is accused of making.

Dennis Rape is accused of telling several African-Americans to smoke dope while they waited for a meeting, and also making jokes about a skit from the Chapelle Show, sources say.

Chairperson Mellissa Merrell said the board received their first statement from an employee on Nov. 9 who claimed Rape allegedly made the racial comments.

Merrell said the board then received two additional statements the following week from different staff members regarding the alleged comments. In total, three employees came forward saying Rape allegedly made insensitive comments.

Rape was reportedly removed from all of his assigned committees because "he offered to go through sensitivity training," according to Merrell. Rape is still allowed to visit Union County schools due to his elected status for "special events" and "official board business," Merrell said.

Several board members wanted Rape to resign Tuesday night but he did not.

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