Police: Puppy found tied to tree in SC, tongue cut out

Source: Noah’s Arks Rescue
Source: Noah’s Arks Rescue
Source: Noah’s Arks Rescue
Source: Noah’s Arks Rescue

YORK, SC (WBTV) - Police in the City of York are trying to find out who severely abuse and cut the tongue out of an 18-month-old puppy.

According to police records, officers were called to the area of Madison Street and Lowry Row at about 9:40 on Nov. 19.

Bayleigh Allen called 911 when she and her boyfriend were driving and saw what she says appeared to be a group of people fighting. She told WBTV that when they flashed their headlights at the group, the people took off running.

When police arrived, she says they approached what was left behind and found a dog tied up to a tree.

"It was cold and shivering, it was really sad," Allen said. "I wanted to just hug him."

Police called animal control, and it was later determined that the dog's tongue had been cut out.

The dog was taken to Noah's Arks Rescue in Ridgeland, S.C. On the nonprofit's website it says the dog, Briggs, is in a 24-hour ICU, has undergone several sedated procedures and is only eating from a feeding tube.

"It makes me want to throw up, it's just sickening," Allen said. "I can't even imagine how someone could, I mean they are like humans, they have feelings."

Police tell WBTV they found a previous owner of the 18-month-old pitbull/lab mix, but they do not know who owned the dog at the time of the abuse. According to the report, they determined the dog was likely involved in fighting due to his injuries.

The Noah's Ark Rescue published updates about Briggs' condition on its website.

The updates attracted the attention of dog owner Kerry Nelka, who lives in Maryland.

"It's by far one of the worst cases I've ever seen, it's horrific," Nelka told WBTV by phone. "I would really love to see justice for this dog, because this didn't have to happen."

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