Choir members' belongings stolen during holiday performance

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A holiday concert at a church proved to not be immune to local crime.

For many, a place of worship is somewhere to feel comfortable, put your guard down. Nearly a dozen of the 74 choir members performing at Unitarian Universalist Church of Charlotte Saturday did just that.

"You would like to think we live in a time where you can feel safe in a church," choir member Robbie Furr said.

But his choir's festive holiday performance ended with a police report, Saturday night. Ten vocalists and one church member had wallets, purses, and money stolen while they were on stage.

"It makes you feel incredibly vulnerable and violated and it's really scary," another choir member said.

Police account for hundreds of dollars stolen from the group, and it is not the first report of its kind. Last month, a similar crime of property stolen from another choir at another church happened during a concert.

"It makes you feel sad and sorry for the individuals who are having to do this," Furr said.

Officers haven't said if the two are connected, but there have not been any arrests for either of these crimes.

"It helps keeps a check on things because we have gotten so comfortable we just take things for gr anted," Furr said.

The choir says they have a board meeting coming up this weekend. They are planning to talk about how to make sure their performers, and their belongings, are safe at shows, moving forward.

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