West Charlotte man feels pushed over the edge after city's latest homicide

West Charlotte man feels pushed over the edge after city's latest homicide
(Bria Bell | WBTV)
(Bria Bell | WBTV)

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - For 25 years west Charlotte has been home to Ronald Moore. Every morning as he sits outside his apartment, he blasts his Bluetooth speaker as his version of therapy.

"Music gives me a piece of mind, it helps me get my mind off the negativity," says Moore.

Moore has seen a lot on the west part of town.

"I've seen people pull out guns on people. I haven't witnessed a murder, but I've seen things that lead up to a murder," he said.

Charlotte has now had 81 homicides so far in 2017. The latest victim being 23-year-old Kenneth Edward.

"Angry, sad, disbelief at the same time," adds Moore.

Edwards was shot and killed near Bradford Drive Sunday night, just around the corner from where Moore lives.

"It's really sad that we are up to almost at 90 homicides at the end of 2017," Moore explains.

Police are in the middle of investigating Kenneth Edwards' death. As of now, they still haven't been able to identify possible motives, suspects or leads.

Conversations of the increasing number of killings here in Charlotte continue between city leaders, police officers and pastors. Moore hopes these conversations lead to real results and lives being saved.

"Go home and take care of your family. Basically get out here and utilize your time positively," Moore said.

As Kenneth Edwards' family make funeral arrangements for him, they are also trying to work with CMPD to get justice.

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