Monroe mom looking for owners of dog that bit her child at Matthews park

MONROE, NC (WBTV) - Monroe resident Lindy Wilson is looking for the owners of a dog that bit her child at a park in Matthews.

The incident happened Friday while Wilson was at Fountain Rock Park with her two young children. She said the kids were playing on the rocks when a middle-aged couple rode by on bikes with a dog.

Wilson said she let her children pet the dog after the owners said it was OK. She said everything seemed normal until the moments immediately after her son, Caleb, pet the dog.

Wilson said the dog growled and then bit the 5-year-old.

"The owners, I know they felt bad, but the lady immediately said 'Oh my gosh he's never done that before. I'm so sorry,'" explained Wilson.

She said the bite wound started bleeding pretty badly and her son started crying. They left the park and went to get Caleb checked out at an urgent care facility.

Wilson said it was then that a doctor told she needed to get vaccination information for the canine. She said she didn't get contact information for the owners of the dog so she has been posting in public groups on Facebook in an effort to find the owners.

"A lot of people shared it but I don't think enough people were seeing it," said Wilson.

She said she is worried that if the owners are not found, she will have to get her son rabies shots.

"We're kind of in a time crunch because if the dog is not up to date on its rabies vaccine than Caleb is going to need those shots," said Wilson.

Melissa Knicely with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department's Animal Care and Control said anyone who is bitten by a dog should get the owner's name, address, and phone number. She said bite victims should also try to get a photo of the dog and the dog owner if possible. All bite victims should call animal control officials to report the bite.

"We must know if that dog has a current rabies vaccination or not because that's ultimately talking about putting a person in danger of a deadly disease," said Knicely.

Wilson said the dog that bit her son was large with a light brown body and dark brown face. She said it looked similar to a bull mastiff. She's hoping the owners will be found soon.

"We're dog lovers. We have a big dog too. We're not trying to cause them any pain or anguish but we really do need that rabies certificate. It's really important to me," said Wilson.

Wilson said she was told her son would start exhibiting symptoms 10 days after he was bit if he had contracted rabies.

She asks anyone who thinks they know who the dog owners are to contact her at 704-718-1905 or to call the Matthews Police Department.

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