Parents concerned field houses not at all CMS High Schools

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Vance High School parents are concerned about their kids playing at Harding High School during the Regional Championship game on Friday night.

Parents are concerned Harding University High School doesn't have a field house for players to change or assemble during half time.

"It's a bad look for the school, and it's a bad look for the community," Master Kutz Barber Tavashia Patterson said.

Patterson says several Harding University High School Football players come to Master Kutz for haircuts. He says you can tell they are bothered they don't have a field house to call their own.

"They don't mention it, but you can tell they have some concern," Patterson said.

Vance High School parents are also bothered there is no field house at Harding University High School. Parents say they chipped in to rent a tent for about $600. They wanted a warm place for players to gather before and during the game.

"CMS should reimburse them." Master Kutz Barber Trevor Davis said.

Charlotte Mecklenburg School District (CMS) Board Member Thelma Byers-Bailey says reimbursing Vance High School parents is a decision the superintendent has to make. She says money in the district's reserve may not be enough money to pay for that continued expense.

"That's using one time permanent money for a consistently repeating need, and that's really what that money is for," Byers-Bailey said.

Byers-Bailey says she has received complaints and comments from parents about the absence of a field house at schools.

"District Two isn't the only one suffering with this," Byers-Bailey said. "We are focused on academics and facilities first."

The school board member says field houses at all schools could get addressed when the next bond referendum happens. County leaders say that might not happen for another five to seven years.

"We can't wait that long," Byers-Bailey said. "I'm sorry. If we are going to make a dent in really bringing CMS facilities and conditions up to date, we've got to do a concerted effort at least every couple of years."

CMS says there are four CMS high schools currently without a field house. Independence, East Mecklenburg and Myers Park High Schools join Harding University High School.  People in the community believe this says a lot about equity or the lack of equity throughout the school district.

"I think that any high school in CMS, should definitely have a field house," Master Kutz Beautician LaToya Adams said.

Some people in the community think until a bond referendum happens so field houses can come to all schools, some need to step up.

"Maybe the community or even the Carolina Panthers can possibly donate something to them as far as them getting a field house." Adams said.

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