Huntersville 'Bike Man' turns rusted metal into holiday gold

HUNTERSVILLE, NC (WBTV) - One man's trash is another man's treasure – or so the saying goes. For one man in Huntersville, it is a way to bring a smile to those in need this holiday season.

Ed Winter is known better as "The Bike Man."

"That's what we do!" he says excitedly.

Winter takes often old, always discarded bicycles that would have likely ended up at a trash site.

With a little love and garage time, he makes them into something beautiful – then gives them to others.

The bikes show up out of nowhere at the man's home – but from who?

"I never know," he says. "I come home, they're in the front here, nobody leaves a sign or nothing... fantastic."

Winter started fixing them up back in 2011. A friend at an apartment complex told him often people would move and leave the bikes behind.

"I said, 'you got any?' She said, 'I'll bring three over,'" Winter recalled.

Winter then fixed those three up and gave them away.

"I said, if I can do three this year, I can do six next year," he remembered.

But he did not do six. He did 100 and gave them to local soup kitchens, churches, and police departments.

Now, at over 700 two-wheelers tended to he keeps records of them all, but does not forget the faces behind each serial number.

"I put the bike in the trunk, I turn around, she's crying," he recalls of one delivery. "That made my day."

This year, a backyard shed is busting with bikes, ready to make the day of dozens in need.

"It's really heartwarming to do a job like this," he says.

The list Winter is checking continues to grow still, with more donations arriving at his doorstep.

A bit of rusted metal otherwise forgotten becomes something much more this holiday season.

"We'll have this done by Christmas," he says. "It'll be done."

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