Woman pleads guilty, sentenced to five years for putting newborn in refrigerator

Woman pleads guilty, sentenced to five years for putting newborn in refrigerator

CHESTER, SC (WBTV) - A Chester woman pleaded guilty Thursday and has been sentenced to five years in prison in connection with the death of her infant son in 2016.

Angela Blackwell, 28, was arrested and accused of killing her 4-day-old son in 2016 by putting him in a refrigerator and leaving him there for hours.

She was charged with felony homicide by child abuse and the Chester Solicitor's Office confirmed that she pleaded guilty to the charge of inflicting great bodily injury on a child.

911 calls were obtained by WBTV in the case. Officials released two calls to 911 operators from the home in Feb. 2016.

In one of the calls, you can hear commotion in the background but the audio is hard to hear.

The second call starts with a woman calling, but a man takes the phone and relays messages to the 911 operator.

According to the arrest warrant, Blackwell was at her home on Rose Street on Feb. 27, 2016, when she put her newborn baby, William, in the refrigerator and shut the door. Blackwell reportedly removed the infant after three hours, around 8:26 a.m., and sought medical attention.

In the call, the man said the baby's father was doing CPR on the young boy on a bed in the home.

At one point, the caller says it appeared the baby began breathing again, but later said he hadn't.

The 911 operator walks the caller through the CPR process while emergency crews drove to the home. Before the end of the call, the man told 911 it appeared the baby was moving again.

The newborn was taken to Chester Regional Medical Center where doctors pronounced him dead.

"The death occurred under circumstances manifesting an extreme indifference to human life," the warrant states.

After William's death, the couple's other child was placed in protective custody.

According to the Chester County Coroner, the child died from hypothermia and suffocated in the cold conditions.

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