Crime Stoppers: Clerk fights off serial robber with stick

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - While you were giving thanks and enjoying the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, one man was helping himself to at least five cash registers of money - until he met one brave convenience store clerk.

"We've got at least five, possibly six, possibly even more," said CMPD Detective Brandon Miller.

The crime spree started in mid-November at the Travel Plaza on Sunset Road. Surveillance video shows the crook walking to the counter, showing a knife and helping himself to the open cash drawer.

"The guy we have in all these videos and still shots is wearing the same clothing each time," Detective Miller explained.

He's wearing the same hoodie at the 7-eleven on the day after Thanksgiving. Again, he shows a knife, then opens the cash drawer and helps himself.

"But it's definitely the same guy, he's got the same goatee, the same mannerisms in each of these videos," the detective said.

He also robbed the 7-eleven on West Trade a day later. He then went back to the Travel Plaza that same day and robbed it again. Two days later, his crime escalated when he used a handgun to rob the Circle-K.

But during one of these stick-ups, he seems to have met his match.

"One clerk decided she was going to fight back," Detective Miller said. "She grabbed a stick and actually ran him out of the store. And in that particular robbery, he didn't get anything."

She brought a stick to a knife fight - and won.

Another clerk told police they've seen him uptown before and that he could be homeless.

Can you help get him off Charlotte's streets? Call 704-334-1600 and Crime Stoppers will pay for information leading to an arrest.

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