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Woman who's worked at Charlotte Motor Speedway for 48 years, takes us for a spin

(Kristen Hampton | WBTV) (Kristen Hampton | WBTV)

It’s safe to say, Arlene Stone might be just as exciting as the tours she leads at Charlotte Motor Speedway.

Sometimes dozens of times a day, for almost 30 years, Stone has led tours of the racetrack built in 1959.

She started there in 1969, in the souvenir shop, alongside her husband. She’s met hundreds of famous drivers, and driven thousands of fans around, telling details of points of interest around the track.

But perhaps her most appealing quality as an employee, is her bubbly personality that’s almost as large as the 100 thousand seat facility she knows like the back of her hand.

“I love the people. I’ve met so many wonderful people doing tours,” Stone said.

She took us out on the track, which is a feature of the $12 tour that lasts about an hour.

In a 15-passenger van, she zips around the oval track at a speed that’s only a few digits off from her own age. Though she won’t tell you either.

“I don’t know I never look,” Stone said.

She keeps her eyes on the road. And she’s kept her heart in this racetrack for more than 48 years.

Plans to retire? She has a quick response to that question, “Why? I love my job, it’s so much fun. I don’t want to retire.”

She follows that with another statement, and a huge smile, “They’ll probably have to bury me here.”

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