Rockwell man arrested, suspected of bringing 73+ lbs of meth to Rowan Co.

Source: Rowan Sheriff's Office
Source: Rowan Sheriff's Office

ROCKWELL, NC (WBTV) - A Rockwell man is being held under a bond of $1 million on a long list of charges.

Rodney Neil Hardin, 39, of Wind Swept Way in Rockwell, was arrested on Monday night by investigators with the Rowan Sheriff's Office.

The arrest was the result of a four-month long drug investigation.

Hardin, who is a convicted felon, is charged with possession with the intent to manufacture and sell methamphetamine, possession of stolen goods, maintaining a dwelling/vehicle for the illegal drug trade, possession of a weapon by a felon, sell/deliver a controlled substance, and trafficking in methamphetamine.

The total bond amount is $1,005,000.

Deputies say Hardin allegedly led law enforcement officials on a chase on Old Beatty Ford Road in southeastern Rowan County on Oct. 2. He was then charged with felony assault on a law enforcement official with a deadly weapon, deputies said.

Following that incident, two search warrants were executed at his home and deputies said they found 646 grams of meth, over two grams of cocaine, less than a half a gram of heroin, three guns and nearly $8,000 in cash. The sheriff's office says one gun was stolen.

Deputies believe Hardin was reportedly responsible for bringing in nearly 73 pounds of meth into Rowan County.

"For at least six to eight months he was the guy for methamphetamine in Rowan County," said Chief Deputy David Ramsey of the Rowan Sheriff's Office.  "Through the investigation, we learned he was responsible for the distribution of 73 pounds of marijuana in Rowan County, and at $10,000 a pound, that's $730,000 of methamphetamine in Rowan County."

Hardin has a criminal record that goes back to 1999, according to state records.  Past charges include larceny from a person, hit-and-run, drug possession, common law robbery, DWI, and sell/deliver illegal drugs.

In June 2017, Hardin reported that he was the victim of an armed robbery with shots fired at his home.

"It's certainly not good for the neighborhood," Chief Ramsey added.  "You worry about kids around the location, drug traffic going in and out of this location...but you could have innocent people shot and killed from the activity going on at 2501 Wind Swept Way."

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