Garbage route changes coming to Salisbury

Garbage route changes coming to Salisbury

SALISBURY, NC (WBTV) - Effective Jan. 1, 2018, Salisbury will be implementing new routes for garbage, recycling and yard debris collection, possibly resulting in a new garbage, recycling and yard debris pick-up day of the week for residents.

Route changes will allow for more efficient collection points, while keeping the trucks in the same general area each day, thereby reducing the number of miles driven per week.

A change in a garbage collection day for residents will also represent the same collection day change for recycling and yard debris pick up. For example, if a resident's garbage collection day changes from Monday to Tuesday, then the resident's recycling and yard debris collection also will change to Tuesday.

Updated recycling calendars will be distributed over the next few weeks and posted on the city website at

In addition to the new route changes, the City of Salisbury will be implementing new changes to Chapter 21 of the Salisbury Code of Ordinances that became effective July 1.

Previously, items that were considered "bulky," were collected varyingly by public services at all times of the year, at no charge. These items included extra trash or large items place outside of a city-issued roll out. These items will now be required to be scheduled for collection. Fees for removal have not been changed and are listed below. During the Spring and Fall Spruce Up, bulky items will continue to be collected at no charge and without scheduling.

The new standards for collection of rollouts, bulky items and yard waste are:
·      Items left outside of City issued rollouts will be considered bulky
·      Bulky items can be collected by calling (704) 638-5260 to schedule an appointment
·      The City of Salisbury will still provide a Spring and Fall Spruce up week for collection of bulky items
·      Limits to yard waste collection – One truckload per week

Bulky Item Collection Fees:
Minimum Charge                                       $10.00
Furniture (per Item)                                   $  5.00
White Goods (per Item)                             $25.00
Scrap Metal (per Pick-up Load)                $20.00
Mattress                                                    $20.00
Box Springs                                               $10.00
Miscellaneous Items (per Pick-up Load)   $25.00
Items Requiring Use of Backhoe               $50.00
Bulk Brush Removal Minimum Charge      $50.00
(applies to loads over a truck load)

Charges for specific cases will be calculated by Public Services Director or designee based on site visit.  All fees must be paid in advance of service.

Residents will receive notifications on their rollout carts over the next few months regarding their new garbage collection day, notifications via the Nixle notification system, and updates on the City's social media platforms and

Residents may view the new waste collection route map at