Local owners use Small Business Saturday to help in the battle with brick and mortar companies

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Some local owners say struggling to keep a float with business is just part of it and Small Business Saturday is like their version of the Super Bowl because so many are rooting for the underdog to come out on top.

"Small locally owned business will continue to be the foundation of which our progress is built," says LaWana Mayfield, District 3 City Council Representative.

It's been a tough few years for home grown businesses trying to survive in the South End district. New housing developments take up potential parking spots for the mom and pop shops, not to mention that these small businesses battle brick and mortar companies day-in and day-out and rent continues to skyrocket.

Charlotte city leaders have heavily promoted Small Business Saturday for the last five years hoping to uplift the local entrepreneur to help contribute to the city's growth.

"We want you to know that there's a place for you,"says Mayfield.

Jake Pool is his own boss and runs Gilded Beverage, "We do all fresh cocktail mixes made right here in Charlotte," Pool says.

Pool believes the special craft that goes into his adult beverages and the efforts of owners of other small businesses helps cultivate the city's culture with the uniqueness that's offered through customer service and goods.

"It builds a great community all around."

Ulana Liuzan who sells her own art pieces online says, "It's cool to see what your neighbors do and the cool products they provide to their community and bring all of us together"

The life of small businesses have been in question recently as several household locally owned mom and pop shops have had to shut its doors for good like Phat Burrito, Amos's South End, Tremont and Double Door. Megan Gude, director of historic South End, believes longevity as a local owner and success is surely possible.

"We've seen several businesses that started out as pop us that are now opening brick and mortar stores," Gude says.

City leaders also believe it is the entrepreneur mindset that's attracting people to move to Charlotte. They say on average 40 people relocate here a day.

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