Neighbors still waiting for repairs to damaged poles

Neighbors still waiting for repairs to damaged poles

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Neighbors in one west Charlotte community are frustrated a damaged pole is still not fixed. Duke says the pole on Sunset Road has been damaged since March.

"I am paying taxes for the state, for the city and for the county - and no one can fix that pole. That just says a lot to me. Somebody's not doing their job," neighbor Nancy Stroud said.

Stroud says she has been complaining about the damaged pole in her neighborhood since August.  She complained to her city council representative Carlenia Ivory. Ivory says she sent the complaint to city leaders.

"Someone's got to resolve this, and they need to resolve this as quickly as possible because it is a safety issue and a sore sight," Charlotte City Council District Two Representative Carlenia Ivory said.

Ivory says she is also frustrated nothing has been done.

"Nothing should be going on for that long," Ivory said. "I am talking since March."
The council member says she has received multiple complaints about damaged poles throughout a West Charlotte community. She argues this is not seen in other parts of Charlotte.

"I purposely went to other neighborhoods, and I have not seen that," Ivory said.

She believes the slow response means taxation without representation.

"We don't have to accept this in our community," she said. "We need to come together and make sure that we are treated just as fairly as other communities."

Stroud wants repairs sooner rather than later and is prepared to do what she can to get rid of what she calls an eyesore in her neighborhood.

"I can't phanthom why the need for some action has not been met," Stroud said. "How long do we have to wait."

Duke Energy owns the pole. It says it can't do anything until Spectrum removes the wires and places it on the new pole. WBTV reached out to Spectrum and got a quick response.

"We are very sorry for any inconvenience, and are going to get this fixed as soon as possible," Director of Public Relations Charter Communications Patrick Paterno said.

Charter Communications says it is investigating what happened and says the matter should be fixed by Wednesday evening.

"Our contractors are onsite now with an ETR (Estimated Time of Repair) of 45 mins to complete the pole transfer," Paterno said.

Neighbors will be relieved when it gets done.

DukeEnergy is also responding to the delay. It says there is a system in place to notify all entities when repairs are needed.

"The name of the system we use to coordinate with other utilities is the National Joint Utilities Notification System (NJUNS) to coordinate communication, and work coordination for managing pole and line transfers, project notifications, etc," Duke Energy Corporate Communications Meghan Miles said. "My contact is working to check on when the pole on Beatties Ford was damaged and to ensure we made the proper notifications."

Despite the fact the pole is on its way to getting fixed, city leaders say there is no excuse for this especially since neighbors were complaining about this since the summer.

"When it is reported by constituents, regardless of how small or how large, we need to make sure it is resolved as quickly as possible," Ivory said.

Spectrum says it will let us know when it found out about the damaged pole on Sunset Road.

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