KKK recruiting attempt has Alexander Co neighborhood upset

HIDDENITE, NC (WBTV) - Stan Durmire can't understand why someone allegedly from the Ku Klux Klan went recruiting for new members in his neighborhood near Hiddenite.

"No place whatever for them here," he said.

On Veterans Day Weekend someone, under the cover of darkness, left small baggies with information about the KKK on at least a dozen front lawns. Each sandwich-sized baggie had some candy in it, rice to apparently weigh it down, and a small recruiting flyer with a website and phone number to call.

"Our county is not like this," said Sheriff Chris Bowman.

It's been many years since there has been any sign of the Klan in Alexander County, he said.

Investigators have ten baggies now that have been turned over to them by residents in the Sharpe Lane neighborhood. They are working to find out who dumped them there.

Sheriff Bowman called the number on the flyer, but only got a rambling message that ended with telling the caller to leave a name and number and closed with "white power."

As of Tuesday afternoon, the sheriff had not received a call back.

Bowman says lawyers have been consulted and the only thing the perpetrator could be charged with, at this point, is littering.

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