A weed that grew inside a cone has raised more than $14,000 for charity

HUNTERSVILLE, NC (WBTV) - It's a phenomenon that many people can't wrap their minds around. A weed that spent all summer growing its way up through an orange safety cone, has captured the hearts of a whole town, and beyond.

A few weeks ago, what was left of the robust green weed was decorated by an anonymous person for Christmas.

Since then, it's become a beacon of hope and humanity in Huntersville.

That may sound hard to believe, but it's the truth.

Local artist David Britt wrote a song about the "Cone Weed", people d ropped off baked treats shaped like the cone weed to the Huntersville Fire Station 2, where the weed sits in front.

An organization made "Cone Weed" t-shirts. Sales from those shirts have raised more than $14,500 for an organization called "HopeMatch.org", which provides for families in need.

"Nothing amazes me anymore, but this is pretty amazing," said Huntersville Firefighter and PIO Bill Suthard.

Locals have grown to love the weed and all the joy its brought to its little stretch of Beatties Ford Road.

They've grown to love it so much, hundreds of people went into an uproar Monday morning when they found out the weed was chopped down and removed by a NCDOT crew.

NCDOT has since returned the remnants of the weed and said they didn't know the significance behind it. The "Cone Weed" has moved across the street to the fire station side of Beatties Ford Rd., but it's continuing to brighten the days of all who drive by.

"It's great to see people giving to the community, for just a little ol' weed that grew in a cone," said local resident Ann Rust.

Huntersville Fire has planned a "Cone Weed Gives Back" day of celebration on December 10th. Locals hope to raise even more money for charity.

All because of a weed that grew inside of a cone.

For more information, the weed has its own Facebook page, with more than 1,600 likes.

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