Gun, turkey stolen from 77-year-old Gastonia man’s home

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A 77-year-old Gastonia man says a gun and a turkey were among the items stolen from his home during a weekend break-in.

Gary Caldwell, the alleged victim, said he was in Kings Mountain when he got a call from a neighbor who told him the front door of his East Fourth Avenue home was ajar.

"He went in and he seen stuff was thrown around the bedroom real bad and I told him 'call the police'," explained Caldwell.

He said the break-in happened sometime early Sunday morning. He noticed the thief had stolen his Taurus pistol and a 17 pound turkey from his freezer. He said some other items from the kitchen were also missing.

"I wanted to laugh to start with but then I was really mad because they had taken the pistol," said Caldwell.

He said he had locked his front door, but didn't secure it with the deadbolt. He thinks the thief was able to pry their way into the home because the deadbolt wasn't latched.

"It gives you a bad feeling about invasion of your privacy," explained Caldwell.

He said he's also worried about what may happen with his gun in the wrong hands.

"I'd hate for somebody to get hurt with it or for them to hurt somebody with it you know," said Caldwell. "It's a .357. It'd do some damage."

He said he was storing turkeys for his neighbor who had purchased several for the holiday season. He was surprised that the thief only took one of the two that were in his freezer. Caldwell hopes the stolen turkey will still be enjoyed.

"He must have been hungry," said Caldwell with a laugh. "I hope he enjoys it."

Caldwell has given police the serial number from his gun. He hopes it will eventually turn up somewhere.

Anyone with information about the break-in should contact the Gastonia Police Department.

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