'Cone Weed' that drew national attention, went viral returned after being mowed down

(Troy Bowlby | WBTV)
(Troy Bowlby | WBTV)

HUNTERSVILLE, NC (WBTV) - A weed growing inside a cone on the side of the road in Huntersville, which later went viral and made national headlines, is being resorted after having been mowed down Monday.

The weed, which was dubbed "Cone Weed," grew inside a traffic cone on the side of Beatties Ford Road in Huntersville. This is directly across the street from the Huntersville Fire Department's Station 2.

The weed sprouted up over the summer and endured well into the fall. The weed was recently mysteriously decorated with tinsel, ornaments and sparkly bits of joy for the holiday season.

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Those bits of Christmas cheer were found scattered on the side of the road Monday morning and "Cone Weed" was no more.

The Huntersville Fire Department posted the news Monday morning on Facebook.

"Unfortunately, within the last 45 minutes, someone removed the #ConeWeed," officials wrote. "Residents reported seeing a road crew in a yellow truck remove the cone and all the decorations. We did not see it happen and no one stopped by the fire station to tell us they were removing it."

"All that's left is a couple scattered decorations," officials continued. "We went ahead and rehung a couple of the decorations on what remains of the weed. Thank you to everyone that helped this Weed movement make a difference in our community."

Just before 3:30 p.m., the North Carolina Department of Transportation said the weed had been removed by crews because it was too close to the road.

"Thanks for the assistance! #ConeWeed has been located and is in route to a safe location for continued enjoyment," NCDOT tweeted a few moments later.

The "Cone Weed" has its own Facebook page and its very own song which was written and performed by David Britt.

"Hey friends, I know I got a pretty bad haircut this morning and I'm currently without my cone but I'm still here. Its just another hurdle we're gonna have to overcome," a post on the page reads. "I will be honest, I may not make it to spring but I'll stay with you all through the holidays at least in spirit."

A local graphic designer came up with a t-shirt featuring the "Cone Weed" and 100 percent of all proceeds from sales of the shirt will go to HopeMatch.org who will in turn use the funds to help local families in need.

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