Family of 11-year-old hit by car has message for drivers, cyclists

(Amanda Fostter/WBTV)
(Amanda Fostter/WBTV)

(WBTV) - There is one thing many people do not always think about when getting on board two wheels - especially a kid, in a hurry.

But 11-year-old Dawson Byers does.

"I wear a helmet to be safe," he says.

He says he never gets on his bike without it. That includes a routine ride to a friend's house Thursday morning, that turned out to be anything but, when he collided with a neighbor's car leaving the driveway.

"My son hit him on the driver's side, came over the front hood, came into the windshield," mom Dianna Byers says.

Friday, Dawson checked out his damaged ride.

"It twisted [the wheel] and it also twisted my brake," he noticed.

The young cyclist goes over the scene in his head.

"It was really scary," he says. "And it really hurt."

And "really scary" for his mom, too.

"Some good bumps and bruises and scrapes, but all in one piece," she says, thankfully.

Once in the emergency room, nurses pointed Dianna Byers to what likely saved her son from a much worse outcome.

"They looked at his helmet and said no question, this is why he is as good as he is," she says.

"It was an inch that would've made all the difference between the call that I got and a much worse call that I got," Dianna Byers says.

Now the mom is asking drivers to be on the lookout for two wheeled travelers like her son.

Friday, the Byers' told WBTV Dean Otto, an avid runner and triathlete who was hit by a pickup truck while riding his bike last year, will be the grand marshall of a 5K that Dawson Byers will be in Saturday morning. Otto heard about Dawson's story and says he wants to meet him.

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