Woman taken to hospital after leading police on chase in Shelby

SHELBY, NC (WBTV) - A woman was taken to the hospital after leading a police chase in Shelby Friday evening.

Deputies from the Cleveland County Sheriff's Office and officers from the Shelby Police Department were both involved.

The chase started around 5:27 p.m. and ended around 5:46 p.m. at Earl Road and Gant Street.

Deputies say the woman was first spotted driving on the wrong side of the street on Lavender Road. Deputies said they started to follow the car at very slow speeds. They said that the woman was only going 5 mph at one point, but then started speeding around 70 mph on 45 mph roads.

Deputies said the woman ended up driving off of the road near Mike's Food Store in Shelby. She struck an deputies vehicle and also a power pole.

They said the car's oil filter fell off and the car lost all of it's oil. The car eventually stopped working and the chase came to an end.

Gage Dewell and his friends saw the car run off the road near the convenience store. They recorded videos of the chase from their phones.

"It was kind of sketchy you know, because you never really see a car going off road and ram into a ditch running from cops," said Dewell.

Deputies said the woman was taken to a hospital for medical evaluation. They think she may have a medical condition.

They said she will be taken to jail after she is evaluated at the hospital. Deputies said she will likely be facing felony charges including reckless driving to endanger, speeding to elude, and assault on a government official.

The woman's name was not released.

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