City refuses to provide reason for detective's firing

City refuses to provide reason for detective's firing

LINCOLNTON, NC (WBTV) - The City of Lincolnton has refused to provide a reason as to why a detective with the city's police department was fired in October.

Detective Brent Heavner was fired in mid-October. Shortly after his termination, WBTV submitted a request for Heavner's personnel information. 
State law require certain personnel information be made public upon request, including "the specific acts or omissions that are the basis of that dismissal."

Despite the legal requirement, the city refuses to provide WBTV with the reason for Heavner's termination.

The city's human resources director provided WBTV with a letter from Police Chief Rodney Jordan to Heavner dated October 20, 2017.

"You were informed that termination of employing was being recommended due to misconduct issues relating to policy violations under the Lincolnton Police Departments (sic) Policy and Procedures Manual 200-02 Code of Conduct," Jordan wrote in his letter.

The letter goes on to reference other specific reasons for Heavner's dismissal but does not provide details.

Document: Read the information provided to WBTV

"After carefully evaluating the information we discussed during the conference, I have made a final decision to move forward with the termination effective immediately," the letter said.

The policy cited in Jordan's letter does not include a list of specific acts or omissions that may be grounds for termination.

Additionally, the city has refused multiple follow-up requests by WBTV to provide the "information we discussed" referenced in Jordan's letter to Heavner.

WBTV has been investigating the circumstances behind Heavner's termination from the Lincolnton Police Department since it happened in October. Look for additional information on this story as details can be confirmed.

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