Who's the best at hospitality and service in Rowan? You can nominate your favorites

Who's the best at hospitality and service in Rowan? You can nominate your favorites

SALISBURY, NC (WBTV) - The Rowan County Tourism Authority has announced the inaugural Rowan County Hospitality Industry's Rowan Original Service Awards.

The awards are to recognize exemplary performance from front line team members in the Rowan County hospitality and service industries, according to a news release from the Authority.

"Each day, staff members work hard to demonstrate excellent customer service to our visitors, guests and community members, which is why the Tourism Authority will recognize them for their outstanding efforts," the release says.

The Tourism Authority invites managers, directors and supervisors to nominate their employees and/or volunteers who you feel demonstrate welcoming hospitality, work hard each day and go above and beyond in their job and/or volunteer assignments, which in turn benefits our tourism industry, service industry and the community at large.

"We also invite members of the community to nominate hospitality and service staff members that you come in contact with that create a positive experience for you." the release says.

Go to www.rowanoriginal.com for more information about the awards and to submit your nominations.

Nominations will be accepted until December 11, 2017.  Three award winners will be selected from all the nominations.  Winners will receive the following: First Place; $2,000, Second Place: $1,000 and Third Place: $500

Award winners will be honored at the January 2018 Rowan Chamber of Commerce Annual Gala.

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