Mint Hill homeowner voices concern over community crime

MINT HILL, NC (WBTV) - Mint Hill resident Don Nicholas is the vice president of the Oxford Glen Homeowner's Association.

He said he found out about the Tuesday night shooting when he turned on the news Wednesday morning. A crime scene in Mint Hill was not something he was accustomed to seeing.

"It's very random. Any community you're going to have spikes and certain incidents in crime, but usually we're talking about the roundabout or the newest restaurant coming to town," explained Nicholas.

Some of the normal Mint Hill conversations were replaced by community safety talks online Wednesday. Nicholas posted about the shooting in a Mint Hill Facebook group, asking other members of the community if they were familiar with what had happened.

The shooting didn't happen in Nicholas' subdivision, but the resident is concerned about crime spreading across Mint Hill.

"You never know when crime is going to filtrate into your community and you wonder how it started, where it came from and is it getting even closer to your house and neighborhood," said Nicholas.

He is hoping the community will work together to combat crime. He thinks an increased dialogue between elected leaders and Mint Hill residents, along with the creation of new community watch groups would help the issue.

"It's very important we work together as a team. It's not him versus her, or he versus she. We can't finger point. We gotta figure out a way to collectively work together," said Nicholas.

Police have not yet disclosed whether or not anyone has been arrested in the case.

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