Daughter organizes 'one last show' for singer mom with Alzheimer's

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - There weren't many dry eyes in the house as Meg Ingle-Cheek started belting out Elvis Presley's, "Can't Help Falling In Love."

The show took place at Meg's home, which is the Charlotte-based memory care facility, Brookdale South Park.

For years, Meg was an entertainer. A show stopping singer with a voice that could bring a man to tears.

She performed shows all over the world, often with her son Stephen and her daughter Michelle coming up to sing a few songs with her.

They were kids raised to be entertainers. Michelle Renee is still one. She wanted to have a chance for one last concert with her mother, before Alzheimer's Disease steals her music too.

"She can't remember from one second to the next, what you just said, or where she really is," said Renee.

She has her good days and her bad ones. Today was a good one.

Friends and staff at Brookdale waited with bated breath, as the instrumental intro to the popular Elvis song began. Her daughter prayed too.

'Please let her remember the words.'

She did. You could actually see the old pro in her come to life as Meg followed her daughter's lead.

There were as many tears as there were people in the room.

The show went on for about 45 minutes. There was much prompting from her daughter and her son. Some words seemed to completely escape her. But there were moments of awe as Meg's beautiful voice broke through the horrible disease, and sang as if it were yesterday.

"It makes me so happy," Renee said, "to do this for my mom, to bring her back to her life. It's priceless."

There aren't words to express just what the 'show' meant to Meg and her children. But if you saw Meg's face after she finished her first song, and the audience erupted in applause, the smile on her face speaks more than any words ever could.

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