Crime Stoppers: Frightening trio hits Charlotte Family Dollar

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A frightening trio of armed robbers has Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police (CMPD) concerned.

They hit the Family Dollar on East Independence wearing masks and using team-like planning and precision. Police are worried they might do it again.

The surveillance video is surprising - three disguised men burst in, one pulls out a gun, one holds the door, and a third jumps the counter with ease.

"They planned this out very good," said CMPD Detective Brandon Miller. "To have everyone know and what role to execute - they put a lot of thought into this."

As the crooks moved in, a customer was checking out. He and the clerk watch a man with a backpack hop the counter in one bound. And he's wearing a frightening gorilla mask.

"He's got a gorilla mask on, something I've never seen before," Detective Miller said. "He's very athletic."

While the gorilla-masked man struggles with the cash drawer, the robber with the gun keeps threatening the frightened clerk. Other workers and some customers are seen making a run for it.

"The customers who ran out the back door didn't even return, so police didn't get a chance to speak with them to say what they witnessed."

While the robbery was taking place inside, a bystander walks up outside and sees the commotion, then quickly makes an exit.

"This is a very dangerous group. That's why we really need the public's help on this one, because everyone had their faces completely covered with the masks, so this is why we need the public's help to see if anyone recognizes these guys or knows anybody who has any masks like this.  We definitely need to get these guys off the street."

They were well-choreographed, well disguised, and the crime was well executed.

Crime Stoppers will pay extra if we can unmask these men through your help. Call 704-334-1600. It's reward money and it's all done anonymously.

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