Former West Rowan coach Scott Young has passed away

SALISBURY, NC (WBTV) - Scott Young, who won three state championships with the West Rowan Falcons, has passed away according to sources close to the Young family.

Young passed away on Tuesday night.

"We fervently prayed for a miracle and selfishly asked God not to take him from us," Dianne Young said in a social media post. "Unfortunately for us, Scott is now in heaven. Everyone worked so hard to save him, and he fought even harder. Please keep our family in your prayers. We love him so much and will miss him terribly!"

Young has been dealing with heart trouble since 2011 when he had a heart attack and had a heart transplant in May of 2016.

West Rowan Principal Dr. Jamie Durant was a friend of Young's.  He says it's hard to look anywhere on the campus and not see some kind of impact that Scott Young left.

"I enjoyed watching the success that he had here," Dr. Durant said.  "Watching the whole process cultivate through the years.  Arriving with a struggling program, turning it in to a mediocre program, and then when all the positions clicked, all the coaching positions, when he surrounded himself with really great people and it first took off, we knew there was something special happening."

Young resigned from his West Rowan coaching job in April 2015 for health reasons.  This season he was on the coaching staff at Statesville High School, where his son Bryant plays quarterback.

Young's three state titles at West Rowan High came in 2008-2010.

Many in the community agree that as sad as his passing is, it wasn't totally unexpected. Young himself alluded to that in an earlier interview with WBTV,

"The doctors were very up front and honest, in a roundabout way said that your heart doesn't have but so much left in the tank," Young said.

That interview was from just a few days before Young had a procedure that would allow him to have the heart transplant in May, 2016.

Local radio broadcaster Buddy Poole remembers how the community reacted then.

"Of course we all prayed for him to get that heart transplant, and then he did," Poole said.

In the last few days family and friends were asking for prayers for the 45-year-old coach. Word spread quickly this morning that he had passed away, prompting many to reflect on his legacy.

Notice how the words of West Rowan Principal Dr. Jamie Durant match Young's own words…

"Scott always said that he was about building character and developing young men," Durant said. "Football was just a process allowing that to happen."

"We expect our guys to be good students, we expect them later on to be good college students, good husbands, good fathers, that's a big part of us," Young said in an earlier interview.

How big could that impact be?  WBTV Football Friday Night Producer Nate Wimberly, who was close to Coach Young and was there as Young built a powerhouse in Mount Ulla.

"As somebody who lost his father at a very young age, a high school coach can become a big time father figure in your life and by the nature of the sport high school football can teach you a lot of life lessons," Wimberly said.  "Scott Young was a great man."

There were lessons in losing too.  When WRHS failed in attempt to win its fourth straight state title, Young gave his players advice that would transcend their days on the playing field.

"I told our guys you know, be really proud of your accomplishments, but understand in life you're not going to win all the time, and you gotta learn how to fail sometimes," Young said.

During 17 seasons at West Rowan, Coach Young totaled 172 wins and nine conference titles.

A celebration of life/memorial service for Scott will be held on Sunday at 2 p.m. at the West Rowan Football stadium.

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