Neighbors share thoughts on men arrested for weapon of mass destruction

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A former air traffic controller at Charlotte-Douglas International Airport and another man, both accused of having a weapon of mass destruction have posted bail and were released from jail today.

According to neighbors, the two men were living together at house in Charlotte's Cedar Mill area. WBTV's Bria Bell spoke to some folks who are shocked after hearing what one of the men told police why he created the weapon in the first place.
During an investigation with CMPD  it was 39-year-old Derrick Fells who told police officers he made the weapon of mass destruction because he planned on using it on a neighbor he got into an argument with, but changed his mind and gave it to 30-year old Paul Dandan who at the time was working at Charlotte-Douglas International Airport. 
A man who lives close to the two says the entire situation is bizarre and you can never really know who you live next to.

Out of all streets in the Cedar Mill neighborhood, it's Minitree Lane that gets first place.
"That's just kind of the talk of the community. Minitree lane is the best street in the community," said resident Matt Conrad. 
Matt Conrad has lived here for nine years and says the area is just your typical neighborhood. It's quiet and if there is a police presence, it's usually for petty crimes.   
"You hear little things that go on from time to time, but nothing really major. We have break-ins here and there, just like any other part of Charlotte so I mean its pretty low-key and everyone is friendly," Conrad said.
But when CMPD, the FBI, a bomb squad and other officials were answering a call to investigate if there was a weapon of mass destruction inside the home that sits at 316 Minitree Lane, it took Conrad by surprise. 
"Never in a million years would I thought it would be this close to my house." 
During investigation, 39-year-old Derrick Fells told officers he made the weapon after he got into an argument with a neighbor. He changed his mind about using it, but handed it over to 30-year-old  Paul Dandan, who worked at Charlotte-Douglas International airport. Dandan has since been fired. 
According to neighbors Fells and Dandan were living together as roommates. Both men were arrested, are now out on bond and facing multiple charges relating to the weapon of mass destruction. 
As for Matt who lives doors down from both men, he says it is shocking news, but is sort of numb to the situation because of all the bad people he faces each day.   
"It's weird because the state of the world today, it seems like it should jock you, but they don't. It's everywhere, you can't get away from it, you can live in the most quiet neighborhood and never talk to anybody and the next thing you know there could be a serial killer living beside you, you just don't know."

The FAA released a statement stating Paul Dandan did not have access to restricted areas of the terminal or ramp, only to offsite Air Traffic Control. If you know anything about the situation you're asked to call crimestoppers.

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