Local woman without insulin pump due to Hurricane Maria

WAXHAW, NC (WBTV) - As Hurricane Maria's destruction shuts down thousands of facilities across Puerto Rico, all the way in Waxhaw, North Carolina, Jessica Lynn-lato is feeling the impact.

"They're struggling with loss of power, water. I never once thought about how it might impact me, in this way," she says.

Lynn-lato has Type 1 Diabetes. Her insulin pump has helped keep her alive for eight years, but now, due to the storm, she's been without it for three weeks.

"It's affecting a lot of people," she says.

Lynn-lato says three weeks ago, her pump cracked. Normally, she'd call the company, called "Medtronic," and they would overnight a new one. But she says company reps told her, after the storm took out their Puerto Rican manufacturing facility, that just was not possible.

"That was the first I had learned they were impacted," she says.

Now, Lynn-lato must resort to Multiple Daily Injections, or MDI's. These are shots of two different types of insulin she gives herself four to eight times a day, while watching her levels with her smart phone.

"It's kind of like a cocktail, trying to find the right recipe," she says.

The $8,000 device is covered by her insurance, but that coverage will not roll over to another company. She is hoping for a solution – soon.

"I don't remember how to manage with injections," she says. "The pump does all the work, the thinking for me."

WBTV called Medtronic Friday afternoon but did not receive an immediate reply.

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