Neighbors concerned about damaged poles in their community

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Neighbors in one part of west Charlotte are frustrated over a pole that has been damaged and no one has come to repair it.

"When I come down the street, I am appalled that nothing has been done about it,"  neighbor Nancy Stroud said.

Stroud says the pole located on Sunset Road near Beatties Ford Road has been damaged for months. She says she called the city about it back in August and someone came out and looked at the pole. Stroud says the city worker told her it wasn't the city's pole - it was the state's.

"He informed me that he would contact someone with the State and he would get back with me," Stroud said. "I haven't heard anything since."

Stroud and others are now frustrated. Barbara Malloy took pictures of the snapped poles. She says there are other damaged poles in the neighborhood and wonders why people on the west side of town have to deal with this type of slow response.

"You see danger for children who live in the neighborhood and for people who have to walk back and forth to the grocery store," Malloy said.

You can see a crew tried to secure the damaged pole. There is another piece of wood shoring up the snapped pole in place. Neighbors say that is unacceptable.

"They've done all they can to prop it up but they don't have any concern about how the neighbors feel about that," Stroud said.

On one of the poles, Duke's name is written on it. WBTV reached out to Duke Energy for a response.

"When Duke Energy poles are damaged, we work to secure the scene to make it safe and install a new pole to continue serving our customers in the area," Duke Energy Corporate Communications Meghan Miles said. "We also work with other utilities to coordinate transfer of lines of all utilities with equipment on the damaged pole to the new pole that is installed. When all utilities have transferred their lines, we will remove the damaged Duke Energy pole."

Duke Energy says it is waiting on AT&T to transfer the wires. WBTV reached out to AT&T for a response.  In the meantime, neighbors are tired of waiting to see results.

"I want to see it changed as soon as possible." Malloy said.

There are other damaged poles that can also be spotted. Contractors were out along Beatties Ford Road on Friday. They are removing and replacing 42 poles. Neighbors are now wondering how long will it take for a crew to fix the damaged pole on Sunset Road.

"I feel like I am a taxpayer," Stroud said. "They are very unsightly."

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