Rowan County Commission Chairman: 'significant event' took place today

Rowan County Commission Chairman: 'significant event' took place today

SALISBURY, NC (WBTV) - Rowan County Commission Chairman Greg Edds made a post on his Facebook page about what he referred to as a "significant event" that took place on Thursday.

That event had to do with discussions concerning the future of High Rock Lake.

We have pulled together a group of visionaries to begin intentional discussions about how to develop High Rock Lake into the dynamic economic driver that it should be for Rowan County. 

We met with landowners, economic development leaders, marketing professionals, tourism officials, High Rock Lake Association officials, developers, realtors, business owners and entrepreneurs. 

The discussion included travel access, way-finding signage, marketing, public beach access, utilities infrastructure, and residential, commercial and retail development such as restaurants, shopping, boating sales, lake supplies, entertainment and special events. 

High Rock Lake is the second largest lake in North Carolina, second only to Lake Norman. It is one of Rowan County's best kept secrets and one of the countless assets we have that can provide the quality of life that investors, business owners, and families will want to be part of. 

As we carry on separate discussions about actively marketing Rowan County, you can bet that High Rock Lake will be at the top of our list. Casting a strong vision for the future of High Rock Lake is one more way that we can make sure that Rowan County is the envy of the region.

In July Edds spoke with WBTV about possibilities for development of the area.  The talk was triggered by the longtime ownership of four local dams and hydropower projects by Alcoa coming to an end.

At the time, Edds was impressed by what he had heard from the new owners, Cube Hydro of Bethesda, Maryland.

"They are concerned with starting off on a good foot in Rowan County," Edds said. "Part of the relicensing agreement has to do with developing recreation areas along the lake, and so we're in discussions with them about that now and excited about what the future can hold for Rowan County and lake recreation."

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