Clover mayoral race won by one vote after three recounts

Clover mayoral race won by one vote after three recounts
Holmes (Source: Facebook/gholmesinclover)
Holmes (Source: Facebook/gholmesinclover)

CLOVER, SC (WBTV) - There was a major twist in a very close race between two candidates running for the position of Mayor of Clover.

Tuesday night, unofficial results showed Greg Holmes winning by just one vote. The victory would knock off the 14-year incumbent, Donnie Grice.

Thursday the York County Board of Elections met to certify the results. The unofficial results do not include provisional ballots.

In Clover, there were ten provisional ballots. In other words, they were hand-written. The board-certified nine of the ten written ballots and voted to throw out one provisional ballot. The circumstances regarding the ballot that was thrown out, officials said, was due to a voter error.

Due to the nine provisional votes counted, the unofficial results flipped in favor of Grice.

Grice claimed 427 votes, while Holmes got 426 votes.

Because there was less than a one percent difference in the results, state law mandates a recount.

In the recount, the results showed Grice and Holmes were tied. Local election officials say there was no difference in the electronic ballots, but a crease or a mark on the handwritten ballots could have caused the discrepancy.

The state advised the board to recount until they got the same results two times in a row.

After two more recounts, there was officially a victor. Greg Holmes won the election 427 votes to Donnie Grice's 426.

"Oh wow," Holmes said after the final results were announced. "Back and forth race, But I was prepared either way. I'm appreciative we got everything correct."

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