Charlotte pizza shop customer finds live bug in food

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A Charlotte pizza shop customer made a disgusting discovery in their food.

Desmond Carter says he was eating his takeout order of wings and a salad from Farley's Pizzeria at work with a coworker. He had just poured in his dressing, and taken his first bite, when the coworker spotted the unwelcome dinner guest.

"'What is that crawling around, in your salad,"' Carter remembers her saying.

He says he immediately felt sick.

"I think I was trying to throw up everything I ate for the last two days," he said, laughing.

Carter posted about the find on social media. There, the restaurant apologized, but said there were some discrepancies between what they talked about on the phone, and what Carter wrote online.

"Don't apologize and put a but behind it," he says of the way the situation was handled. "If you just take full responsibility I will respect you more as a business just point blank, period."

During its most recent health inspection, Farley's received a 97 – an A. There is no record of any other bug issues.

Wednesday, the restaurant released a statement, calling the incident "gross and unacceptable," saying employees usually wash the lettuce several times, but that they "didn't do a thorough enough job, this time."

The restaurant is also urging customers to feel safe, that all food will be clean moving forward.

Still, Carter says he will be cooking at home a little more often, and likely will not dine again at this establishment.

"I think I'm going to stay eating wings from other places," he says.

Farley's tells WBTV while the customer service representative who spoke with Carter and his coworker "may not have used perfect words," they are proud of the way the situation was handled. They say this will be a learning experience for all.

Carter says he is now awaiting his refund.

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