No bull. That's a bovine in a swimming pool.

(Source: Catawba County Animal Control)
(Source: Catawba County Animal Control)

NEWTON, NC (WBTV) - A bovine made a big splash in Catawba County after it was found in a swimming pool Wednesday morning.

Around 10 a.m. Wednesday, Catawba County 911 Communications said they had to dispatch units to a large animal rescue along the 2300-block of Arrowhead Drive in Newton. This is not far from Fred T Foard High School.

Officials from Catawba County Animal Control were called to the scene and found what they thought was a bull in the swimming pool of a home.

"After removing the cow from the water we were able to see it was a Heifer and not a bull – weighing approximately 700-800 pounds," officials from animal control told WBTV.

They believe the heifer was in the water for approximately two hours before she was able to be pulled out. Photos from the scene show a small lattice fence around the pool.

Burt Throneburg, who owns the pool that the cow wandered into, said he looked out the door and thought something fell into the pool. ""I come running outside out here and there was a set of horns up underneath the cover," Throneburg said. ""I started grabbing the cover and ripping it off and uncovered a cow."

Officials with Catawba County Animal Control said the rescue went "pretty smooth."

"I can honestly say in my seven years with Catawba County this is my first cow that I've had in an inground pool," said Jenna Arsenault, who is an employee with Catawba County Animal Control.  Animal control officials said there were some concern for the bovine's safety.  Since the weather was cold, animal control officials were concerned the animal could have experienced hypothermia.

The animal was able to be returned to her owner after being pull from the water.

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