Charlotte voters feel disenfranchised, not able to vote in local races

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Some voters showed up to cast their ballots at some polling places and walked in to what could be called a rude awakening.

Dwayne Williams will not have a voice in Charlotte's mayoral and city council race.

"I went into vote and they told me I was going to be upset, and I asked why. They said I couldn't vote for mayor. The only thing I could vote for was the school bonds," Williams said.

According to elections supervisor Michael Dickerson, people are turned away in certain contests because they live in unincorporated areas.

Registered voters at places like Stonewall AME Zion have Charlotte mailing addresses, but may not receive certain services, which makes them ineligible to vote in certain races.

Tim Collins is among those feeling disenfranchised.

He said, "I couldn't vote for the mayor. It's kind of discouraging to me, because they're asking us to come and vote and when I get here I can't vote."

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