Cam Newton shares rare photo of himself and son on Facebook

Cam Newton shares rare photo of himself and son on Facebook

CHARLOTTE, NC (Mark Price/The Charlotte Observer) - Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton doesn't post a lot of photos of himself and his kids, so social media notices when it happens.

Newton posted such a photo shortly before noon Tuesday, of himself and what is believed to be his oldest child, son Chosen Newton, who was born on Christmas Eve in 2015. He didn't identify the child in the post.

The photo was accompanied by the words "unconditional," "love" and "shine through the shade," which could be a reference to the ribbing Newton has taken this week for comparing the Panthers with the Titanic. It happened when he was trying to explain during an interview that the team would survive the departure of Kelvin Benjamin. "Yes, we just lost a great player, but nevertheless, the Titanic still has to go on," he said.

"Nobody Tell Cam Newton What Happened To The Titanic," said a headline in

"Did Cam fall asleep before the end of 'Titanic'?" wrote Yahoo!

"Panthers' Cam Newton doesn't seem to know that the Titanic sank," said a headline in the Washington Post.

The post of Newton and the child got thousands of likes in less than an hour Tuesday.

A team source confirmed to the Observer earlier this year that Newton, 27, and longtime girlfriend Kia Proctor welcomed their second child in February. says the girl was named Sovereign-Dior Cambella Newton.