FIRST ALERT: Showers possible all day, expect cooler days to follow

FIRST ALERT: Showers possible all day, expect cooler days to follow
  • First Alert Day Tuesday
  • Rain Creeps in From The West
  • Last Warm Day For A While

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A strong but slow cold front is creeping across the Carolinas Tuesday.  The first thing you'll notice is rainfall, especially north of Charlotte, but it's larger legacy will be the cold air it drops on us in its wake.

This nearly stalled front will keep us unsettled for a good part of the week. There is a chance for showers at any time Tuesday, but it will still be warm across the Piedmont with highs near 70 degrees (cooler north where more rain is likely to fall). As the front pushes through the Piedmont and upstate South Carolina, there's even a chance for a stronger thunderstorm or two, which is something I'm monitoring.  Tuesday will be our last warm day for a while.

Starting on Wednesday, we will have highs in the chilly 50s. There is still a 50 percent chance of spotty, light rain Wednesday.

Thursday will start with clouds and maybe a parting shower before a clearing trend kicks in.  Friday and Saturday will feature plenty of sunshine, though the weekend could end with a few showers late Sunday.  We won't see the 70s again in this seven-day forecast. Highs will be in the chilly 50s for the most part right through the rest of the week and into the weekend.

- Meteorologist Al Conklin

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