Many upset after racial threat spray painted on property in Gaston Co.

Offensive graffiti removed

GASTON COUNTY, NC (WBTV) - A threatening, racially offensive graffiti writing caused some tension Monday morning in Gaston county.

The spray-painted threat which included the N-word could be seen along Wilkinson Boulevard, just outside the city limits of Belmont heading into Cramerton.

The man who owns the property says he did not do it and is not a racist.

Wilkinson Boulevard is a busy intersection that sees a lot of traffic. So when a racial threat was painted on the wall, people took notice. It said "N-words ain't safe".

That wall definitely needs to be cleaned up," said one resident of Belmont.

A massive Confederate flag flies above the wall where the threat was painted. Eddie Belk, the owner of the property understands the controversy behind his flag, but says it's there to celebrate heritage, not hate.

"My great grandfather died in that war, it's in honor of him plus thousands of others," says Belk.

According to Eddie the spray-painted threat has no ties to his flag at all. In fact, he says he has no idea who is responsible for the hurtful drawing.

"I'm upset too by it, I'm against that stuff. It's an ignorant person doing that stuff, it isn't me doing that stuff for sure."

The racial slur was eventually spray painted over by a Sons of Confederate Veterans member.

It's still unknown whoever committed the act. Belk says there are plans in place to cover the remainder of the graffiti soon.

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